Commercial egg producers confine chickens to small cages stacked high in warehouses. The chickens do not have any room to move making their entire existence being eating and laying eggs.

An example of a large egg production facility is a foreign-owned factory in New Jersey that has over 1 million hens lined up in rows of small cages stacked 10 high. Residents of the area complain of the stench and fly problems due to the environmental pollution. They have even gone so far as to take the owner to court because of not only the environmental problems but the inhumane treatment of the animals as well. During one court appearance, evidence against the facility included the fact that live hens were found discarded in a trash can. The defense attorney for this facility asserted that �they could legally treat hens like manure.�

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Our hens move freely through the pastures during the day, returning on their own to the hen house at night for their protection from predators. Usually, our hens produce eggs for two years. Caged hens die after several months at laying due to stress and disease.

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