To ensure the freshest, best quaility meat, our order process is a little different that some other farms. Orders are built when we receive them for the quantity of meat you would like to have - you select the season for pick up - spring, summer, fall, or winter.

The rainfall and how quickly the animal matures determines when your order is ready for pick-up. As always, we strive to have your order complete and ready as soon as Mother Nature will allow! Spring pick-up runs from the end of April through mid June; Summer pick-up runs mid July through mid August; Fall pick-up runs October through mid December; and Winter pick-up runs mid January through mid February.

All our prices include vacuum sealing and freezing. They are based on carcass weight - your take home weight usually comes to 25-35% of the carcass weight due to trimming and deboning.

A new item we are offering is the "Tastes of the Farm" sampler box. These boxes are available four times each year and include a variety of cuts as well as types of meat. The cuts and variety of meat in these boxes are our choice cuts for you from our best grass-fed beef, pasture pork, grass-fed lamb and chicken to keep your freezer full and have a variety year round. They come in large and medium size boxes. You select the percentage of each meat category, we select the cut to give you a variety.

Please click here to print out your order form and mail it with either check or money order to the address on the form.



>Whole Steer (500-650lbs.): $4.85 per pound carcass weight

>Half Steer (250-325lbs.): $4.95 pound carcass weight

>Quarter (125-160lbs.): $5.05 per pound carcass weight

>Beef Box (50lbs.): $425 each box


>Whole Pig (190-250lbs.): $4.45 per pound carcass weight

>Half Pig (100-140lbs.): $4.59 per pound carcass weight

>Quarter Pig (60-80lbs.): $4.69 per pound carcass weight

Curing and smoking is an extra charge. Rope sausage rather than bagged sausage is also an extra charge. Please contact us for those rates.


>Whole Lamb or Goat (35-45lbs.): $7.45 per pound carcass weight

>Half Lamb or Goat (20-25lbs.): $7.55 per pound carcass weight

For a live lamb or goat, the price is the current market price. There is a $50.00 deposit on a Lamb or Goat order.


We are not offering chicken or eggs at this time.


We are not offering turkey or ducks at this time.


>Large Box (40-50lbs of meat): $8.55 per pound

>Medium Box(25-30lbs of meat): $8.70 per pound

Both Medium and Large boxes come with the following selections:

Beef/Pork (approx. 60%/40%)

Beef/Pork/Chicken (approx. 50%/35%/15%)

Beef/Lamb (approx. 70%/30%)

Beef/Lamb/Chicken (approx. 60%/15%/15%)

Beef/Pork/Lamb (approx. 55%/30%/15%)

Beef/Pork/Lamb/Chicken (approx. 50%/20%/15%/15%)