Thanks so much Brian.  Maybe I'll wait till the spring to try the duck eggs, then.  You always give such great information.  Thanks for everything you do!

We had one of your ham roasts at Christmas, it was the first time EVER that we completely finished off a ham. It was amazing! My mom was visiting from Kansas and she could not quit talking about how amazing it was! 

Thanks Melissa Smith

Thank you Brian and Merry Christmas to you and Pancho and all the people associated with your farm! We are SO looking forward to picking up our beef share in January! We are totally out of beef! Thank you for the love and care you give your animals and customers. Your eggs have the MOST beautiful orange yolks which mean they are SO MUCH better for us so are worth the time of wiping them off

Hi Brian,

Just wanted to compliment you on the quality and flavor of the beef and pastured chicken. We had some sirloin steaks last evening and it was extremely tender and flavorful. Do you recall what breed of cattle this was from? In any case, many thanks and I will spread the word out to my friends and family about your product.

Regards to Pancho too,


Thanks for the meat, we picked it up on Saturday. It is fantastic, and the best meat that we have ever gotten (I grew up on grassfed meat, so I'm happy to have found a great source).

As we will probably plow through this meat, I was curious when is the next time you will be slaughtering, beef and pork? My wife and I are thinking about getting a side of beef from you. I assume you do it in the fall, but I didn't know if you do it again before then.

Thanks again,
Jeff (BTW - I have never gotten eggs as good as yours either!)


(Referring to the lambs in our pasture) I am happy to report that we found the new lambs and they were adorable. Definitely a hit! We broiled some steaks last night and those were most definitely a hit too. We look forward to visiting the farm again.

Thanks again,


The beef is excellent! We've had burgers, NY strips, and sirloin steak, all cooked to perfection by me too. There is definetly a slightly different taste and texture than beef off the shelf. I suspect the taste, which I call "clean", is because of the grass feeding. It tastes different in a way that is hard to describe so I just call it a cleaner taste than store beef. It's very good. The texture is much more tender than store beef, is this because of the dry aging?

Talk to you soon,

Dear Brian,

I apologize for the delay, but I wanted to take this opportunity to write and thank you for all of the help you rendered recently with our LGD adventures. As you may remember, we purchased two pups from Wagon Wheel Ranch last year: our first LGD's ever. We had researched many resources and ended up making our inquiries at Wagon Wheel, where we found some of the most helpful and encouraging folks ever.

After hearing that we had never owned LGD's before, you were willing to have us leave the pups at your farm for training by older dogs: a bonus that we never considered. Then, after experiencing some problems with one of our dogs ---- the fact that she interpreted my free-range brown egg layers as a threat ---- you were more than willing to help out with a replacement.

While we loved Peanut and admired her goat protection capabilities, she was not a good fit on our farm. Legs, our new LGD replacement, are working out like a charm. She has bonded with the goats AND the chickens. WOW! What a relief.

Thank you so much for all of the help, in so many ways. I have, and will continue to recommend Wagon Wheel Ranch to folks looking for LGD's. Not only do you provide superior dogs, but your helpfulness and support are above and beyond expectations. Feel free to refer anyone to me if they have any questions about your dogs or if they want to talk to a happy customer.

Once again, many sincere thanks to you, Jay, Kristen, and Pancho. You guys are the best!

With warm regards, I remain,
As always,
Jace Goodling
Bent Post Farm
Afton, VA.

"This was the first year we order with you, and the pork and beef have been outstanding. We are throughly happy with the experience. We're moving to England on 1-May for the next 3 years, so it will be awhile before we can order again. Once we get back, you can bet will be calling you up." - Bob

"The Pork was magnificent! Had some bacon and the ribs over the weekend." - Terri

"Wagon Wheel is my first trial with grass-fed, and I must compliment you on your product. Steaks and ground meat both are tender and flavorful. I feel priviledged to be your customer. Thanks!" - Tracy